Back In The Day

I can remember the first five years of my life was filled with so much happiness. I was a happy child that didn't have a care in the world. My mom told me that I never cried when I was a baby; I always had a smile on my face. Whenever I saw a camera come out, I was ready with a big grin waiting for that flash. What happened to those good times; I know that life isn't easy but things began to fall apart and for some reason, I knew it was coming (I didn't know it would be that soon though).
beautywithin20 beautywithin20
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 11, 2011

I make an effort to be as happy as possible in all situations. It seems to work for me. Hopefully things turn around for you soon.

Thank you for your comment and I am happy for you that you keep a positive attitude :)