I Grew Up In The 70s In Pa.

I remember oh to well the joys of growing up in the 70s, me and my sister, and brother. It was 6 of us, but the 2 little ones my mom kept close,  and it was a 7 year different with my older brother, so he didn't hangout with us. Me and my sister was a year apart, and my brother and I was 2 years apart. Wow the fun we had playing games with the neighborhood kids, yelp playing outside back then was the norm lol, until the street light came on, and we all had to go in. I remember the sit down dinners we had every night, even when we did call out on the weekends, we still ate it together.  Wow how much thats changed even in my own home, smh. Most of the moms where sahms, and all my friends grew up in 2 parent homes. I remember the block parties, where the street would be blocked off at both ends, and the neighborhood would be transformed, there would be music and food, dancing and games, man what fun and carefree days. I could go on and on, but I'll just say I miss those days and my family.
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I'm so with you...I grow up in Germany and it was the same..<br />
I wished my kid's could grow up like this...:-)))