I Really Miss Childhood

I miss not being responsible for waking myself up, having a morning routine, eating breakfast with my Grandparents, saying goodbye to my Mom as she went to work and I went onto the school bus, having the structure of school where you had lunch,recess,and library time, coming home,playing with the neighbors in the park, eating dinner as a family, bedtimes, saturday morning cartoons, church on sundays,and feeling so special when you got to miss school because you were sick or had a dentist appointment. Now I wake myself up and do a horrible job, my Grandfather has passed away and I do not eat breakfast or lunch anymore, my Mom dosent work anymore, I drive now I dont take the bus, and my schedule is never the same because of stupid *** work. I miss the structure and innocence of childhood. It went to quick.
iameffystonem iameffystonem
22-25, F
May 2, 2012