Playstation, Pokemon, Gameboy

I miss my childhood. I want to play playstation the whole day from 9am to 12am the next day for like everyday of my life. I miss talking with my friends about Pokemon and play gameboy with them. I want to play gameboy and have Pokemon fight with my friends. I miss my high school. I miss my elementary school. I miss all my friends in high school. I miss all my friends in grade school. I want to play Pokemon Trading Cards with my friends again and trade cards with them. I remember collecting as many Pokemon cards as I can and if I get a rare card, I will really be very happy. I want to play Final Fantasy 8 for like everyday - Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 10. Play with my friends on Counter Strike and play for the whole day. When I get home from school, I would just play and not think about anything else. I don't need to think that I need to find work, be independent, get a good job, try to meet new people, make new friends, deal with business partners, maintain good relationships with peers or workmates, colleagues. It's really tiring. It's really good when I was still a child. I really had a good time back then. I miss my friends in grade school, but when I talk to them, it's all different now compared to when we were still grade school friends. Everything is different with my relationship with them, because we haven't really talked for quite a very long long time now. I am now 23 and we were friends for like when I was 8, 9, or 10 years old. I wish I could bring back those times again, but I have to stick to reality. The reality is now and all those things have already come to pass. I don't know if I should feel sad or maybe just move on with my life and reach for my dreams.
neo7773 neo7773
22-25, M
May 22, 2012