I miss the days fighting with my sibling
I miss the days chuckling with my mom
i miss the days when i had nothing to fear
i miss the days playing in the rain
i really miss those care free days
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that is the punishment of growing old.

our child hood......:)
mje ye sher thik trah se yaad to nhi but jo yaad hai apko sunati hun.....
Kitna hush naseeb tha mein mere bchpn mein,
benmazi bhi tha or be gunah bhi

yes we really had a big tree house in a big weeping willow tree<br />
it was right across the street from the school so many times if we finshed a test early we would sneak over then and play<br />
<br />
if we were home we had a play house that belonged to my wife when she was alittle girl like she was ever very bigeven at 17 she was under 100 lbs <br />
but we loved each other and we had many good times in the rain

I used to miss all this stuff until I actually went back and visited it. Then I found that I missed the present. But I still miss Strafkos's hamburgers and no trip to Tasmania can be without a visit to their store for that express purpose.

i loved playing in the rain and i sort of miss the care free days but the were early teens for me after i had a new home<br />
i really hated being home at all as a child but i miss the freedom of riding my bike places and the tree hours that silly radio i use to use on days i did not work and was sitting in the tree house doing home work<br />
<br />
then there was my friend starting in 8 th grade i reall miss

thanku 4 ur reply
u really had a tree house?
that was cute