I had so much freedom as a kid. We live in central London and my parents were ok with me getting a bus or a tube to places on my my own from the age of about 8. They never fussed about stuff as long as they knew where I was going. We did loads of things as a family too. Most of all I didn't really have anything to worry about - or at least when I look back they were not important.
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why now your old enough to go anywhere and do things with your own mind,are your parents keep you do something this days?hhmmmm why is there any problems that they will stop you doing what you wanted to do?

Well, you have more responsibilities as an adult. As a kid, if you mess up, you are generally not going to lose your job, your home or end up in prison. I am pretty independent and although I still live at home, I cannot really imagine my parents trying to stop me doing something that I wanted to do. The most that would happen is that they would express a negative opinion.

aw thats ok and being a woman of course its different when you still live with them and thats ok i guess...