Christmas Warmth

The thing I miss most about my childhood, was that feeling I had all the time. It was a sense of mind when everything in the world is exciting, and you just love being around all the people you love and care about. Now, I only get that feeling around Christmas time. I also lost touch with some of the things I enjoyed as a kid. Now I walk into stores, and I don't recognize any of the action figures, or any of the video games. I don't recognize many shows on tv, and all of my friends have moved away. I didn't worry about money, or working. People say you are more free when you are an adult, but I disagree. You are tied down to a job, at least 40 hours a week, you have ties to debts, gas, everything. As a kid, you got up, and played. That was it.
Sixxer Sixxer
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 31, 2006

Children are special...

I agree, kids have the greatest freedom of all, the freedom from responsibility.

I recall thinking that things would be better when I grew up and not believing all those adults who told me I was already in the best time of my life. Now, I understand what they meant.