I Cry For My Babies

My children are seven and five, a boy and a girl.

When I got sick last year and had to go to hospital my estranged husband had to care for the children. When I was discharged we thought it was better if they stayed with him while I recovered. Fourteen months later they're still there, and my husband won't let me see them.

It's Mother's Day, and I can't stand the thought of my babies giving presents to their father's girlfriend instead of me. It's not my fault that I had a breakdown. He's keeping them from me because he thinks it's better for them, but I know it's not. I'm sure they miss me as much as I miss them. It breaks my heart.

He's probably told them that I don't love or care about them. He's like that. I haven't seen them in eight LONG months, and I cry every day.

I have shut myself off from friends who have children, as I can't stand to be near them. All this talk of Wiggles, Playschool and Sesame Street makes my heart ache.

I dream of my children all the time, and wake up crying.

I keep thinking of all the things they used to say and do. It feels like a lifetime ago, as if it were all a dream. Did I really live in a stable home with a husband and two children once? Was there a time that I filled my days with bath time, homework and cooking dinner?

I want them so bad it hurts...

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Go to legal aid and get yourself a lawyer. Those children need to know their mother fought tooth and nail to have them with her. You have got to pull yourself together and somehow make contact and let them know you love them and want them. And sooner than later.

i feel your pain....my kids are in another country and i never see them

I am in a similar situation my child is in US and I am in India. My heart beats for him.

I am in the same boat you were. Keep fighting and I hope to hear an update from you. I myself have not been on here in forever. I know exactly the feeling I dream about my children all the time. It's awful

I'm a man going through similar stuff. My ex left me three years ago and took my children 700 miles away. I fought and lost (go fig). She selfishly refuses me my time with my children, and because I had a terrible attorney, my situation is grim.<br />
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I cry practically every day, myself. The pain is excruciating and unbearable. I really feel for you. <br />
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My way of coping? I keep fighting, sacrificing, and being willing to put forth EVERYTHING I HAVE to fight for them -- their right to have me, their father, as a significant person in their lives (not just a visitor they have to go see once/twice per year). <br />
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I'm also getting involved in the equal parenting movement. The laws in this nation MUST change. Children need BOTH parents. If I would have won, I would never, in a million years, deliberately alienate them from the other parent. <br />
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Keep fighting! Don't give up! Fight for your children! No one else can do it, but you!

do you have legal recourse? Is this legal what he's doing? You need a lawyer. Oh My God.