What Did You Get Out Of It...?

My dear ex:
I wonder every day what do you think?
What do you think now that I am with someone who loves me?
Do you ever regret taking me out of your life...? Do you ever see our children, as I often do, and see through their eyes how their life changed since I left?.
Is it any hard for you the life you chose?
Or is that lonely life and hardships for my children worth living your life without me there to interrupt whatever I was interrupting?
It is almost 3 years since you told me you didn't love me any more and you have no idea how many times I did cry for you.
I found that love is a wonderful thing, like a little plant that remains alive among destruction... among the ashes...
Too bad you choose to give that love I was hoping for, to someone else. Someone who never faced you... a liar hiding behind the screen, a coward who chose a married woman to devote his fantasies. A half man who never showed up ho he was for real.
Face it now, and honestly, I hope you find love again.
I hope the best for you and my children...
Maybe one day we all will understand.

An Ep User An EP User
Jan 8, 2013