Miss My College Days...don't Realize What You Have Until It's Gone.

I graduated from WSU within Washington State in 2002 which was 300 miles away from my home in Seattle. All I could ever think in my dorm room was getting out and starting my career. I went to college a little late (age 25) and graduated at 29 though still had so much fun. My best buddy who was the same age went with me to WSU also. I met a lot of close friends that came all over the country and world at WSU and enjoyed every minute of school (except for hell week!).
Once of biggest regrets I wish I can take back was to never let a certain special girl go because I felt I was out of her league. I was so wrong. I was a dumb kid, with not a care in the world, partied on the weekends, drove an old '69 Impala ( I wish I still had also) and lived for the day, never the future.

I'm 40 now, have a great career which I got soon after I graduated (survived the '08 recession), live in a great area in downtown Seattle and drive a BMW now (whoo whoo).
I can't complain, though get saddened when a certain song plays on the radio (Vertical Horizon "Best I ever Had") and takes me back to the college days and especially remembering her snuggled with me on the front seat of the old Impala driving back and forth from Seattle to WSU . She is married now with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters and I am happy for her though sad at the same time.
  I'm still living the single bachelorhood life as is my college buddies. Pretty pathetic I know.  I tell the interns at my company to slow down and try not to grow up so quickly and enjoy their college days. Before you know it ,there gone. Thank you for reading.
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I was older, too (4 yrs USAF, then started college). I desperately miss my college girlfriend. Your advice is very sound: slow down long enough to enjoy being young while you can; before you know it, it will all be gone!