2 Weeks

This summer i went to stay with my cousins in Chicago for a couple weeks. At first i was very scared, but then my cousin Megan assured me it would be fun. Little did i know how right she was.The entire time i was there, i was so loved and felt so safe, and Megan and Sara loved me back.At home i am never loved as much as i am loved over there. Anyways, while i was there i became extremely close to my cousin Megan. She told me  stories about her father abusing and molesting her, and offered my advice and sympathy when i told her about my abusive mother.The night before i left i sat there crying because i didn't want to go back home, and she sta there and held me the whole night. Now that im home im extremely depressed without her and am so terribly lonley. I wont see her again for another year or more because she is going away to college...frown

picklegirl98 picklegirl98
Jul 17, 2010