I Miss My Cousins Way Too Much :(

I mostly miss two of my cousins. One is a boy on my moms side and the other is a girl on my dads side. The boy is less than a year younger than me and the girl is less than a year older than me. I have always been really close with both of them. My girl cousin is such a free spirit, I admire everything about her, she is the sister I never had and i can honestly say she's one of the most interesting, worldly people I've ever met. She introduced me to Titanic, Lip Gloss, Music, things you should know about boys ;)....haha, she's very much a drama queen as well and a bit over dramatic but not in a snobby kind of way, she is very very kind but sometimes I think she is too oblivious for her own good...although I wish I could be live so freely as she does. She's in MA in college now...I miss her :/.
Then there is the boy cousin, we were BEST friends when we were younger. He is very special to me, I feel like he was the only person who actually wanted to be around me and respected me. He is a nutter, this one. He's the one who used to make bombs out of dirt and rocks and made a time machine to visit Pokemon out of an old desk and bin of his dads computer wiring. He also used to run out in front of our car when we drove up to his house and I also volunteered at a local hospital with him for a summer and we had some crazy antics there...good times. I have heard that he has had some troubles in life as well but now he is doing better and going to become a nurse (shocker!)...oh boy I hope I don't get sent to a hospital he is working at..that'd be I interesting and not entirely impossible considering he only lives like 30 min away. This is the cousin I am missing right now...it make me very sad. He is out living life and having fun and I am left behind....I miss him way too much rite now...*sigh* :_(. I wish I could be normal so I could just hang out with him more...but I'm not...and I never will be. :/
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I feel your pain. I have an 8 year old cousin who lives only 2 hours away, but since we are both young we don't have much of a privelage to visit eachother often. I used to live 5 states away from them and not care about seeing them or not. But sinced I moved closer we are able to see eachother more often. She came over last night for our New Years Eve party, ONLY her family. And we messed around and made silly movies together. She just left right now and only now do I realize how much I miss her. Her and I are both very dramatic and get into arguments often, so we're not always the closest. But I cherished every moment I had with her last night and now it just seems like everything is wrong. Like I'm
Not the same without her. It's very upsetting.

Me too. my cousin and aunt came all the way from Virginia to visit me (I'm in Alaska ) and I only got to see them for too weeks. It doesn't seem long at all. I only get to see them about once a year if that but we are still pretty close. I've been going in between crying and not crying since they left 5 hours ago to go back home. It's rough but I know I will see them again.

I completely understand what your going through! I have two couisons that live far away from me that I am very close too. One is 11 and the other is 8. I only get to see them for two weeks every summer, even less considering they both are very athletic and in soccer, and Jane, the older one has tournaments almost every day. I miss them so much it's almost not healthy! The only way I'm coping it is by texting and FaceTime everyday if they are not at a soccer tournament(which today they were:(.) Wish you luck with your couisons! Hopefully you can spend time with them.

I know what your feeling. I have only just got back from visiting my cousin and I miss her already. She is six and I am 12. It has been so long since I've seen her and I only got to spend 1 day with her. :(((. I miss her too much

grew up with cousins that were more my brothers and sisters than anything. as we got older live took us to different States and countries. were not close anymore, but have memories that will last until dementia or death. I hope your cousins don't fade from your life as much as mine ultimately did.

You should definitely get back in touch with them. I think they would be touched to know you miss them and love them so much.

Maybe ur right...hopefully

Call them.The sooner the better !

Ah, the good old times. I also remember playing a lot with my cousins when I was young. I wonder why I don't do it anymore, probably because of school and the such. But I can only tell you that LittleLena is right, you can always call them and hang around them. I doubt that they mind your appearance after what I have heard about them so you could just do with them whatever you want. Just try to establish contact again and stay in touch, I am sure they wouldn't mind it.

I had the same kind of bond with my cousins growing up. I know how you feel. Sometimes I want to give it a try, but like you it's been so long, I think it's too late--we're hardly better than strangers.

That's extremely like me! I just wait til' my parents see them again!!! I don't contact them on facebook because I don't know if they would be mad at me for contacting them! And i wouldn't want the best people in the world to be mad at me. :(