Once In A While

Well, we first met in person 2007, and I hated one of the two. I don't know why, but I kept turning off the lights of a room so he yelled at me, I cried when he did, but when we revisited them again, he became into a grown up version  of me.

We did everything together in that one month vacation. Games, talk, eat, you name it (We weren't staying in the same house, which was also weird). As time came by, they had to leave, and I cried that night after we came back to my great aunt's house. I didn't want to finish this vacation without them, but I did.

Now, just 3 days ago, I left them again. They didn't change much, but now the play RuneScape And with the 13 hour difference and they don't have summer the same time as me (Them: April,June,July Me: June,July,August) , so it's hard to contact them.

I miss them because they understand me, even more than my immediate family(parents, 3 sisters). They're just like me ( By the way, I'm a boy and the two cousins are also.). They get my jokes, wear my same style, easygoing, etc. I just don't want this to be my last time seeing them while I'm a young. Since I'm planning on going to the Philippines (Where my cousins live) after I graduate college, who knows what they'll be doing! They could be serious, and we couldn't play with each other.

Anyways, I just wish I don't see them once in a while, but just occasionally. I pray to God most nights that He will make them see them once a year for a month.   So what I wanted to ask you, how do I contact them.
doodz15 doodz15
May 15, 2012