I remember when my mom picked me up from school one morning, I had recently turned 16. It seemed a bit odd, but I knew immediately that something was wrong.. I paced back and forth crazily at the main entrance.. Next thing I knew, I had this sobbing woman in my arms telling me my father had just passed away. He had died from a heart attack I was at a loss of words all together, I couldn't even react. I just stood there as my mother was crying in my arms. What else could I do..

For the rest of the day I just sort of sat there in my room. It took me at least a day or so before it really started to hit me that I wasn't going to get phone calls everyday from my father telling me he loved me anymore. No more. That's when it hit me, it hit me hard. I sat in my room and cried with my cat, Mr. Meishka for as long as I could keep him there.. Occasionally, I would go out and grab Sebastian, my dad's one and only cat he ever owned. The only reason my dad kept him was because it was a gift from me. My dad hated cats, but he kept it for me because I was his little girl.

My dad's family wanted to have the calling hours and I ended up having to go. I swear, calling hours are the worst things in the world. The last time I saw my dad, we had had a huge fight and I wouldn't go visit him for a whole month, and then this happened. So I went to calling hours. My grandparents (mom's side) and my uncle(who was a year older than me so he was more like my brother) took me. I felt horrible for making them take me. My mom was at work, so she couldn't go.. And if it were up to her, she wouldn't let me go. That's not how I wanted to remember my daddy.

I sent out text messages to all my friends telling me that I wouldn't be in school for a while.. But when I did come back, two weeks later, as soon as I walked into my first class, I got a big long hug from my friend Blondie (Arthur). It was so nice, he was really the only one who comforted me, as I probably knew (and stayed friends with) him the longest. I almost cried on the spot there. But I don't show my emotions very well.. In one of my later classes, my friend Jeremy (who I was friends with but have had the biggest crush on for the longest time) gave me a big hug and told me that he missed me while I was gone. I'm glad to still have them as friends now, but I don't get to see them anymore and I miss them.

My dad's gone now and we've since moved to get away from the memories of the house we had all once lived in before my mom kicked him out. My life had just become a series of tragedy since then.. After my dad's death, my uncle was killed by a falling tree, my cousin was killed by getting ground up in a piece of farm equipment, and one of our family friends died from cancer. It was not a good year.. My mother and I dealt with months of depression before things got to some kind of norm again. I still miss him, and I feel like it was somehow my fault he died... of a broken heart
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