A 25 Year Old Unsolved Murder

On October 30th, 1987, my dad was shot in the head twice and died. He was in Ohio in his hometown, saving money so my mom and toddler brother and sister could move there. It was around midnight when my dad came back to a friends house after a beer run. He entered the back door and was shot upwards in the chin by someone kneeling in wait and then shot him in back left side of the head.

My mom had just taken my brother and sister to a trick or treat at their school, and was sorting the candy in the living room. Suddenly my mom got this horrible sense of loneliness ang grief. With the time difference it was right exactly at the same time.

There had been 2 other people in the house who were also murdered. A man was sitting on the couch and shot in the forehead, and a woman was found between the wall and the fridge with her hands over her face that had been shot through so many times her face was unidentifiable.

This occured in a small town where the police were corrupt and everyone that had any legal doings were just as corrupt. Evidence went missing or was "never found", proccessed incorrectly, or destroyed. A triple homicide just brushed under the rug. Unbelievable.

I got PTSD from that even though I was only a year and a half old. I cried myself to sleep every night and was so emotional for a long time. In college, I decided to search the net for info about my dads murder and found a whole blog about it! I dove into the case, making calls, ordering newspaper records, finding people who could tell me anything. I even met with an FBI agent here, but he was no help.

Finally, the 20th anniversary of the murders was coming up, and there was going to be a memorial in that town. This created so many emotions and flustered my thinking ability tremendously. We made it to the memorial, and I got to meet all of his side of the family and hear so many people say such wonderful things about my dad. I cried my eyes out and then we all went to his favorite bar and got drunk. That was the last time I have cried for him. Now I smile.

Im half of him and hes the voice in my head. I felt like he was stolen from me, not even given a fighting chance. The autopsy report made it clear that he did not die immediately and suffered. This ripped me apart. But now hes always with me, and in a place where he can be happy and unharmed.
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God I'm so sorry, I'm lost for words, yours is a truly touching story, and I admire your strength. *hugs*

Thank you so much! It sounds like a made for tv movie!