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Esta Era Una De Sus Canciones Favoritas


Esta canción siempre me va a traer recuerdos de mi papá. Me acuerdo cuando yo estaba muy chiquita ( alrededor de 4 años) y el me cantaba está canción y yo me imaginaba subiendo por una montaña antes del amanecer para conocer a la mitica MIcaela.

Dulces Recuerdos !!

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A great memory to have. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, exactly. It brings memories of happier times, and yet it makes me cry because it reminds me that my dad is no longer here with us.

Thanks for your lovely and thoughtful comment, Lilt !!!<br />
<br />
This was one of my Dad´s favorite songs.<br />
I remember listening to my Dad singing this song to me when I was about four years old.<br />
<br />
The singer prays to the moon to guide him on his way to meet his love up in a cabin in the mountains , while carrying coffee, brown sugar and a little drum to serenade her , and I always thought how exciting it would be to hike up a lovely mountain before dawn to meet the mythical Michaela ( the love interest of the singer). LOL !! So sweet,<br />
I hope Michaela was as pleased as I was with this song :-)

I do not speak the language, my friend, but I will miss your Dad too.<br />
Thanks for sharing the video.