You've Missed Out On So Much I Forgot We Were Related.

I moved to my city when I was 3. My mom took me away so I could have a better life. I have never resented my mom for making that choice. However I have always felt a blockading my heart. My father and I were close once, it even got to a point I would spend a month with him. He's married to a woman I refer to as the blob, though she keeps him alive. I always wondered if he hit her, or if it was just the verbal "teasing" that kept her there with him. not to say she was nice to me, until I could stand up for myself. I was never forced to see him: in fact not once had he ever come to me. I work hard, or at least I use to; let him know how much I cared. I barely even remember the last time we talked, a little after spring -break I guess. At one point over the past few months, I called. He had changed his number, or relapsed. Drinking, always the most impressive trigger for my fathers beautiful mood swings. Those cigarettes he quit were back in his mouth since the death. His father, even though not biological was his dad. Because that is what a dad is, it isn't someone who donated half of your DNA, but who helps to raise you. 

I miss my dad, whoever the hell that is suppose to be. 
crookedprincess crookedprincess
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010