We Were Partners In Crime.

He took care of me when my mom left us for her new boyfriend.
When she didn't have a house,
When she didn't have a job.
He let me get my puppy,
He taught me how to love the woods.
We went swimming,
We went camping.
He put up with me at my worst for a long, long time.
And then he found a new woman.
She told him how he SHOULD'VE raised me,
She told him how messed up I was.
He hit me,
I stayed.
Another fight,
He left me at my mothers doorstep in the middle of the night.
Months of not talking, of living with my mother,
of watching her screw every Tom, **** and Harry who walked through the molding door.
Fastforeward to a custoday battle,
To apologies between my dad and I.
To reconciliation.
He took me back.
A month later, he got sick
Thousands spent on lawyers to get me from my mom, thousands more to get treatment
for a disease he didn't know the name of.
It got worse,
And worse,
And we all thought he would die.
But he didn't
He started getting better.
A few months later,
A truth surfaces, my rape revealed.
He blames me.
And so he wouldn't talk while he drove me to testify,
Against the man who stole a part of me.
And when then school year was over,
He said he was leaving.
Moving in with his girlfriend.
And I watched my dad drive away as he left me at my mothers doorstep.
I miss him.
My partner in crime.
Isabelle51 Isabelle51
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010