My Dad Was An Inspiration

My Dad died in March of 1993.  What a profound loss for me and my family.  He was a gentle soul with a gypsy spirit.  He loved people, going to new places in his pristine car, but most of all he loved his wife and family.

I was fortunate to have him in my life as a role model.  My childhood was filled with beautiful memories.

One of those memories was how much he loved the color white and how he wore it all the time.  We used to tease him that he looked like the "Good Humor" man. 

Also, how he loved to make fudge from scratch.

I still remember how excited I was when I would see him bring out the box of Hershey's cocoa and the slabs of butter.  And the smell...OMG ...the smell was wonderful and permeated through the house.

He adored my mom and would do anything to please her.  She used to send him out in virtual snow storms so that he could go to buy her hamburgers.

He loved his job.  He was an electrician by trade and worked at a power plant called Westinghouse in Lester, PA.  The problem with this job was that Westinghouse workers used to strike a lot.  That being said, as soon as the plant would go on strike he would drive to Baltimore and work for the B&O railroad to provide for his family.

Althought I can't possibly write down all of the wonderful memories, I can say that the greatest gifts that he gave to me were his love of life and respect and love of family.  He also told me to never give up no matter what crisis you would encounter.

Before he passed, he was forced to have part of his leg amputated from the knee down.  I remember sitting with him (quietly sobbing) while he said nothing and bravely held my hand and prayed.

For all its worth, if I can be half the parent to my son that he was to me, I would feel that I had done my best.
God bless you, Dad.  I miss you terribly.
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Thank you RichieRich78. It goes without saying, bc I had such a small family, the pain is that much more evident on holidays, etc. Whatever the case, I am grateful to have had such a good father in this day and age.<br />
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I feel fortunate to be able to share my memories of my dad with EP friends. It is wonderful that you cherish your mom's visits. You only have 1 mom.<br />
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Thanks again.<br />
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I know this feeling all too well as I lost my Dad in Jan 2008 ... My Mom is here visiting as she lives far from me and I cherish every waking moment with her. <br />
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It is wonderful to see the many nice memories you have of your father.

Thanks for responding. I appreciate the feedback. He was a great dad and a good man. I do miss him.<br />
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I love how you have written your story and the wonderful memories of your father