I Dont Think He Knew How to Love Me

i never met my real dad untill i was 11, and at that point i was still visitng the man who i thought was my dad, does that make sense? the man who i had thought was my dad was a mean basterd he had beat my mum up for ten whole years before she decided enough was enough, but at the age i was at i still loved the man i called dad i mean he was my dad. its not untill you get older and have your own life and family you relise the evil and hurt he had cozed. any way my real dad came into my life and died last year of lung cancer, but the trueth is i feel like he never loved me the way he should of. maybe its because of the 11yr gap he missed. he was maraid to his wife when i was concieved and still was untill he died. i can imagine how hard it would av been for his family to accept me, but still i never had the affair it was my mum and dad. i think he never should me enough love and attention because of the whole sitution. i loved my dad i wanted him to look after me and protect me i think he did his best out of a bad sitution what do yous think x
ashbash23 ashbash23
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1 Response Jan 4, 2008

I think you are right, he did his best.