He'd Be Proud Of Me

I wrote him a letter today to let him know I quit smoking. When he was alive, he was always begging me to quit. So, If he's watching, I'm sure that he is really proud of me.
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7 Responses Jun 6, 2011

I'm sure he's proud of you for this,and so much more.I know first hand how hard it is to quit....7 yrs for me now,and I'm proud of myself,you,and anyone who can do it.


Congrats on giving up smoking, i know how hard this is as i am in the process of quitting myself

congrates on quiting!

aw...I'm sure he's very proud of you for many reasons :) But, congrats on quitting...that's a huge accomplishment! You should treat yourself to a small gift to commemorate your success. xoxo

Congratulations on beating an addiction that I've been told is tougher than heroin. May your children not only be smoke free, but also look to you as an example of strength in trying times.