March 3rd

Today is march 3, 2012, which means that it has been two years since my dad died. the rest of my family doesnt even remember today, but why do i? why do i remember every little detail that happened this day 2yrs ago? why can't i just accept that he is gone? i know i miss him and i really try not to let it bum me out sometimes, but i was close with my dad and i was only 16 when he died and i was in 2 depressions since his death, i really dont want a im not on any anti-depressants, i just had 1-2 friends help me through it. but still why cant i move on?
KirbyBurri KirbyBurri
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1 Response Mar 3, 2012

we all mourn in our own ways. Adjusting to the loss of a parent at your age has to be very hard, so don't beat yourself up thinking you should be able to just move on. Perhaps it would help you if you just did something formal like lighting a candle and saying a prayer in remembrance of him. Or perhaps going to his headstone and talking to him. Or sit down and write him a letter to put your thought together and let them out. Or taking some time to go do an activity or volunteer work in something you know he would have liked or approved of. It's ok to take time and remember our loved ones, but it's important to keep living and moving forward.