Father! I Miss You!

I always remember how my father treated me when he was still alive. I use to get irritated with his mundane advice to me. How he will make sure that his daughter will never fall to the wrong man and how he will teach me on my studies. If we start talking about religious kind of period, he will be very strict... He is very fond of it, very much that I could not take it and fallen a sleep. I was in a very deep pressure when he was around. It has been an estimation of 5 years that he had gone, I really miss him. His death was so sudden that I was absolutely devastated and shocked. He passed away during he was sleeping but according to the investigation it is due the cardiac arrest. I still remember what he says to me, I am his special daughter but I disappoint him very much that I never get to apologized to him. I am sorry father, really sorry father! I wish you are here with me...now that your birthday is coming soon on the 23May (mine is 24May), I kind of feel lonely even I have a new family now. I hope I will find someone like you but not so strict and violent... Lol! I love you father! I miss you so much every single day and no one understand what I am going through ;(
AnnaBellaRockz AnnaBellaRockz
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2 Responses Apr 22, 2012

Remember his advice and good wishes, and you will remember him always. I miss my Dad too.

I want my father back;(! What happened to your father?

Thank you neutralman... I am delightful when you said that to me... at least make me stronger;( Once again I appreciate it alot!