I Wish You Would Of Taken Me With You

when my dad died i was only a couple months old. so i didn't really know him or what he was like but i still miss him even if i don't know him. its been 14 years without my dad an i hate it. i only have one friend who knows what in going threw but her story is a little different. my life seems a lot harder without my dad being around an for the past couple years i have been crying myself to sleep because i wish he would take me wit him i have tried to commit suicide to be with him but then so many people stopped me. so many people tell me he was a good man. but i just don't want to believe hes dead. he died of a heart attack at work an every time i hear a sad song i start to cry no matter where i am
iwishuwouldoftakenmewitu iwishuwouldoftakenmewitu
13-15, F
May 1, 2012