My Dad Past When I Was 15:

Gosh that day was the hardest day, June 4,1994. I was getting ready to go to a big county fair with my boyfriend whome was 19 at the time, And all morning I was procrastanating..... I just could not get ready. Then the phone rang. My mom called for me and ran down stairs and got on the phone and it was my cousin Nacy, She called to tell me that my dad had a heart attach, Well....... My dad had alot of heart attachs so I ran up to get dressed and was worried wanted to run to the hospitle, The phone rang again I ran down stairs it was my cousin Barb saying that he had stopped breathing..... Well at that moment I went num. I was so shocked so out of it so lost!. Then Just as my mom hung up with Barb the phone rang again and it was Nacy screamin in my moms ear's and I heard her words went straight through me, " Mary I dont know how you are going to tell her, I dont know what you are going to tell her Mary" " Mary Jack died !!!! " " How are you going to tell Patty ".......... I just screamed like I never knew I could!
SweetP78 SweetP78
26-30, F
Apr 8, 2007