"he Never Let Me Down.."

A few months ago was my graduation and i was happy to have finally graduated there was my mom, her boyfriend, my aunt, my uncle and my little sister but there was no sign of my dad anywhere (the other night i called him and asked him if he was going he said yes so i hadn't given up on him just yet) it was already starting and still no sign of him anywhere i started to get sad as i got my diploma i looked everywhere but sadly no sign of him we all got our diplomas already so it was time for the buffet and the entertainment we were all behind stage preparing for our dances me and a few of my friends went down and got something to eat i was so surprised to see my dad there i all got teary-eyed that after all that he finally made it he prooved to me that he wasn't gonna miss it for the world.. :)
Arkhaun Arkhaun
13-15, M
May 17, 2012