Life Is Always So Unfair For Me

after i read a lot of story here, there's a say "God give me that one night to spent with my father so i can remember him forever". God give me 2 years that my dad had a "half-body" stroke so he always lay in his bed, everyday, everytime, at home. Where am i that whole 2 years ? Even at the last six months i decided to get my college in other town and i completely separated from him (i still wondering wether my decision is wrong or not). God give me 2 years and i just wasted it. Bunch of regrets and im lost here, with my decision to get in other town, all by myself, with him in my memories. Everytime i recall about him, my ache just gettin worse but never really stopped to get this ache.

sorry for my bad english, just want to share
hutymy hutymy
18-21, M
May 29, 2012