Daddy's Girl

My dad died almost two years ago. Worst thing I ever had to go through. He was diagnosed with stage four Prostate Cancer. The day my Mom told me that I lost my breath.. it was like everything that was in my body just crashed. Seeing someone suffer from late stages of cancer is the worst thing anyone could every experience. Although he was the one that suffered .. my Mom, Brothers my kids, Husband.. we all suffered. We just did not know what to do. I cried everyday. He came home from the hospital he was under Hospice care for three days and he was gone. We were there with him until he took his last breath. Seeing him lying there in that bed dead.. just changed my life forever. It just sticks in my mind always.. it is something I will never forget. I sure miss him soooo much. I was the only girl in the family, I have two brothers and I was the youngest. My Dad spoiled me rotten, there was nothing he would not do for me. He was always there when I needed him. It is so hard for me to live without him.
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