I Miss My Daddy

I miss my daddy so much. When i was 10 years old, dad found a new girlfriend, and I warmed up to her, as the last girlfriend he had had a son who constantly picked on me. As time went on, she got pregnant, and they moved in together at a new home in Romford, near where I was living. Another baby came on the scene, and soon after I moved myself, just after my grandfather died (Whom was my second father, I had always looked up to him and seemed to have more quality time with him)

I moved to Clacton on Sea at the age of 14, and began a new, better life there. But as time went on, Dad's phone calls dwindled, and his visits seemed more forced and chore-like, until he eventually gave me the "responsibility" to come down on the train. (Out of my pocket).

Now I am 18, engaged and living on my own, I cant help but feel so forgotton. Months go by without a phone call, or any visits. He insists that, when we do speak, that I want his money and that I do not want to work (which is very very insulting) and doesnt seem to realise that I miss him every day, without fail, and that I simply do not have the money to go to London. (A train fare is nearly £45 and a Coach is £17) I miss all my family in Romford and London, but I feel so discarded, and have done since I have moved up to Clacton.

My mother agrees he's in the wrong, but I can't help but wish I was a little girl again, with no worries and that I'll always have my Daddy.

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2 Responses Jun 13, 2008

if ya ever wanna come n see him n need a place o stay... message me

Awww that is so cute. But why did you leave? Because of your father's gf's son? or just had enough? :(<br />
This is quiet sad. I know i will miss my dad when i move out. :(