Miss You Acha..

Dear Acha...i hope i could tell this to you..wish i had said this earlier or at least tried..
I love you for all what you are, i respect you and adore you ... am sorry for all the hardships that you faced. I hope your soul is resting peacefully and happily in some far away land..

urdaughter urdaughter
4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Acha its been almost. 2 years now and i have been missing you every day, i feel bad that i was never of any help and dint know tou were struggling. Am sorry please forgive me and hope u r happy in your far away land. Am sure it gives you more happiness and peace that you had at home. I only knew u were so sick that your flesh was lcoming out amd that u couldbt speak only.mibths afterbu were gone when some one else told me...i wouldnt have let u suffer hopefully..i wish i could get ur blessings..i know u r always taking care of meand blessing me from your world but ihave to say its no where like i call u u abd tell u my csilly issues.. i miss u sodeeky and forgive me acha....

I miss u so much Acha...i wish i knew what u were going through..

Acha...its been a year and not a day has passed by without remembering you...I wish and sincerely pray that wherever you are, you will be happy,taken care of and at peace..i just want you to know that am glad to have you as my achan..a man of principles , values and patience...even when i never told you this when i could, i hope my thoughts and prayers reach you..

Dear Acha,
9 months have passed by and still it is so difficult to overcome the grief. only now do i realize how much u meant to me acha!
i just want u to know that i deeply feel sorry for being unaware of your sufferings and for not being there near your deathbed...
i also want you to know that your values still lead me forward and your principles live on..

from your daughter..