No, first of al...

No, first of all i dont have a *dad* (term of indearmnent imo) i have a father, i miss him occassionally which is somewhat ironic considering all the crap he put me through, but he is dying, so occassionaly i feel a pull at my heart strings, don't ask me why, he sure doesn't deserve it, maybe it boils down to the fact that since he is my father, my instinct is to love him, but i sure as h*ll don't like him.

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1 Response May 16, 2007

I think there are often people we love, be it because they earned our love or because of some connection, that we don't necessarily like.<br />
Most mothers love their children unconditionally, as I do, but there were half a dozen years when I didn't LIKE my oldest son. He did many things designed to hurt me and others who loved him. I tried to make excuses for him, to rationalize his behavior, but at some point I couldn't do this anymore.<br />
I told him, I'll always love you, but I don't like you very much.