no I Really Dont Miss I Mea...

no i really dont miss i mean for one he isnt even dead or anything he just walked out one day after a big fight him and my mom and my brother had and he said that he wasnt goig to come back. but he was never home when he lived here he was always at work so there isnt really much of a difference. but it does have its benefits but it also has it down side too. like there isnt as much fighting bt we have alot more money problems. but i think that it is actually worse with him gone because he left before but he came back but when he left the first time my brother kind of assumed the man of the house position and he basically hates him now for coming back because he fooled my brother into thinking that everything would be ok between him and mom and it wasnt so now they all fight a whole lot but they have phone fights that cant become fist fights thank goodness. but my brother spends more money than we have now because he is used to having alot more money than what we have

welp gots ta go moms yellin again

imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
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its cool. your right, but you shouldnt have only sad emotions. you should smile bunches

i think it shows emotions and emotions are good for us to have and to let out, im sorry i cried but yeah...

its ok, lots of people cry. but you shouldnt cry it makes me sad to know that other people are crying. especially at thing that i write. =+[

its just me i guess

yeah well i am the crying sort of person...

lol. X

oh. lol.

its okay, i always cry lol X

i usually just turn the music up super loud and just forget the headphones. and read a book or do homework or whatever. <br />
im sorry that you cried tho'.

awwwww wow i cried then. if they yell get yourself into a room and put music on through your headphones or something.