1:43 Pm

Two weeks before he died, I was reading a book while he was washing the dishes, after reading the book, I asked him to build me a bookshelf on his spare time. He smiled sweetly and said yes. I was 13 at that time.

In the morning, he went to watch "Dragon Ball Z" on TV, he wasn't supposed to finish it because he had to go to work, but finally decided that he would finish watching it.

In the afternoon, he told us he will go to my grandmother's house for some reason, he never told us why.

A week before his died, he complained to my mother about his aching head, and he said he couldn't stand and walk. So my mother asked her twin brother (my uncle), and her brother-in-law (my other uncle), to help carry my 51-years old father to his bed. He turned 51 a few days ago.

A few minutes after he laid down, my and my older brothers went to watch TV in the living room because we knew he would be okay. After a few minutes of watching, my mother ran to the living room and said our dad was shaking and he was vomiting. My brothers wasted no time and quickly sent him to the hospital, where he was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Later, the doctor explained that my father has Aneurysm, it's a clot in the main nerve of the brain, and it's been there since he was born, because of carelessness of that disease, the clot got bigger, until it burst, that was the time when he started shaking.

The doctor said there was nothing they could do to save my father, he was already in a coma, only the machines help him breathe, and he only had 72 hours to live. Worse, the doctor said that one of us, his children, may be infected with the disease too.

I didn't go to school and none of my family members went to work, we just sat at the waiting room, waiting, praying, that somehow, everything would turn out okay. But it never turned out okay.

He died March 24, 2011 1:43 PM at the Intensive Care Unit, all of his siblings were there, and us too. My brother said he understood everything clearly.

My brother said that our father watched and finished the anime because he knew that it would be the last thing he'll ever do on earth. And he said dad visited my grandmother to say goodbye, but what about me? Why did he promise to build me my bookshelf? Why didn't he just said no?

My brother also said dad left a message for us. He died at 1:43 PM, 1:43...143...I Love You.
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Nov 30, 2012