My Daddy

it has been 20 years today that my dad died and i still miss him so much,he had 7 daughters and loved us so much he said we were better then any boy. i was a tomboy growing up and i would work on cars,and help my dad in the garge when he built things he needed for storage, when we went camping every summer i would stay up all night and fish with my dad and grandpa thoes are the best memorys of my life, my dad
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You are a good person to know! I admire you. I had to get over things too.

if yo ever need to talk i am here for you hun

I am sorry to hear that.

thats ok hun i am a strong woman and i have lived threw alot and no one can break me hugs hun

Oh yes, I bet because it instills trust among other things.

yes it does until you get old enough get married and that man destroys the trust you had lol

Ooops, typed it wrong what I meant to type was "A good husband to her mom"... :)

i understood it hun

I just read your story. You are so blessed to have had a man who became your Dad. How lucky we women are when we have first experienced the love of a father. Sadly, some of us and probably far too many of us have not experienced this. I do believe and value the role fathers play in our children's lives. I have heard some women praise their proud papas such as yoursel. Many years ago I worked in a Nursing Home. I remember how I watched a devoted daughter visit with her father every week. She told me how he was a good man. A good wife to her mom and a great dad. He was also a retired Chief in country town of our state. A well-respected man. What a difference men make in that of the lives of their sons and daughters when they are loving and involved.

thank you so much hun my dad was the most wonderful father a daughter could ask for he helped me become the woman i am

i lost my dad on Saturday morning and its the 1st death i have had to deal with i have cried and i have had to be strong and sort all the arrangement's and sort all the kids sorry for your loss

i am also sorry for your loss hun thank you for shareing

I am sorry to read of the passing of your dad.

So sorry for you your family, May god guide you through this tough times. Our prayers

Sorry about your loss.. Very good memories.

yes they are thank you

Your welcome

i miss my dad too.

big hugs hun


thanks hun

I loved your story, want my daughter to help me too in tech stuff. I know she will one day , she is 9 and learnt a bit of programming, my expectation is high

that is awsome both my girls are grown i always had high expectations for them reach for the stars hun

i can recall putting up fences with my dad, and goin fishing together

awsome memories thank you for shareing i love to hear about others dads

miss dad too.....lost him in 2006 :(

thank you for shareing hun its hard to loose you dad big hugs

Hey, its good to share what we experience together....good to have that support hun.......add me here so I can write....thanks..

its amazing after 20 years...its like yesterday for you.......good memories..

yes they are

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