My dad died what will be 5 years ago 3 days after christmas, I'm slowly losing my memory, it's getting really hard to remember what happened yesterday. I'm starting to feel like my dad never existed, and I hate that, he was a huge part of my life but he died and I was so young it just get so difficult to remember him. I miss him so much, I would kill to hug him again. I really miss him, I hate living without him.
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Human memory can be an unreliable thing. But, know that whenever you remember your father, you are reliving the times you spent together. I feel that some memories belong nowhere else but inside you, but other times I write down particular memories that I do not wish to ever let go of. If it helps, maybe write about him in a journal or something similar. Be strong.

asdfghjkl; thanks! means a lot<3

i really miss my dad too, it'll be six months on christmas eve. he is in my heart though i can feel it. when i mis shim alot i get to see him in a dream. when you look in th emirror your dad is there with you. when you do good things, that is a reflection of your dads love and how he influenced you to do the best you can. you see our parents are always a part of us. even when it feels liek they are so far away. take care of yourself :)

Thank you so much <3 c:

You be strong too tho!

You will never forget him. Even if his face gets blurry in your mind, he will always be in your heart. (hugs)

OH my god, that was the best thing I ever read. Thank you so much. I need to hear that.