I Wish To See You Again

How could you ever forget someone who was your super hero? Someone who protected you, cherished you, and loved you unconditionally? Until this day I'm still lost without my Father. My father passed away when I was still very young. I only remember little of what happened. I remember how confused I was because it was my first experience of death/funerals and so happens it was my own father. I remember how he was fine one day and then all of the sudden he had to go away. I thought he went away for some business trip. I could never forget how I would stand in the drive way everyday around 5pm to see if he would show up. That's the time he always gets off at work. I couldn't understand why he doesn't come home. When he finally got home he was in a box. I was so young so I thought they put my dad on a box. I didn't understand that he was dead. I was so lost and I couldn't ask question because I was afraid of the truth I guess. I never cried on the funeral. I watch everyone cry and it made me even more confused. After a few more years of believing that my dad will magically come back, it finally dawn on me that his never gonna come. And death? I soon understood the meaning of death. This is when the moarning begin. I would wake up in the middle of the night and walk to the back of the house where there's a big tree there that my dad put a swing for me then I would sit on it and cry for hours. I did this for years. I never wanted my family to see me cry or to ask me what was wrong. When I first start high school that's when I had the courage to ask my mom what really happened to my dad. She finally told me everything that happened to the part when they both went away on this "trip". When she finished. For some reason it made me love my dad even more. It made me truly believe that my dad was a real hero. You see, my dad was sick for a long time. He never told anyone that he was sick. He never wanted to get help because he wanted to put his family first. We have a big family. There is 7 of us siblings so it was hard. My dad was the only provider to the family. For so long he had cancer. He never told anyone. Never got any help. He had 2 strokes, He had high blood pressure, he had all sort of complications but he never gave up. He got up every morning and went to work just to provide for us. We had everything we needed because of him. Even though I know he is gone, I know a part of him is with us all the time. His a true hero. My hero. My dad is the most amazing dad and I miss him everyday. I love you dad. Wherever you are, I'll always hope and pray I get to see you again. 
Awonderingsoul5 Awonderingsoul5
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013