A Dad And Son Relationship After A Divorce.


Hello there world. My name is Javier. I am 15 years old going on 16. My parents had been dating since they were young teens. They had nineteen years of marriage together. My mom and dad go way back. My dad was one of those persons that thought alcohol could solve any type of problem. As we all know now in 2013 alcohol is the number one reason why problems happen. My mom was that wife who would always be giving advice to my father on what to do and what not to do. My mom was that wife who would take all the bullshit from my dad. Even tho they loved each other for more than 19 years they had their ups and downs. When i came to the US my parents were still happily married. My mother and father worked in the same place since the first day they arrived in the US. My father was a delivery men who delivered meat to restaurants all over the city. My mother was a cashier for the same company. My dad love's my mom a lot and still does but he thought that hooking up with another women would fix his problems along with alcohol . My dad then started dating and secretly seeing this other women. My mom knew my dad had something going on but she just stayed quit. As we all nowadays "I am not leaving because of him" is what most parents say when things like this occur. My father then kept saying sorry and sorry, saying it wont happen again but he just kept on seeing her. My father without my mom was nothing. My mom would cook for him and do many other things typical house wife's do. It came to the point that when i turned older and went from 12 to 15 he realized that i could take the pain and understand life which was true. So he then one day just took all his stuff and left. He didn't say anything to my mom nor me. All he did was leave a letter saying that the marriage had no more chances and others stuff. My mom and i cry'd for days and days. My mom still loved my dad and beg for him to come back after she knew that he had been most likely sleeping with another women. I guess classy women were like that back then. My mom is one of those people that know when things are going down like if it was a gift from God or something. She has her glorie moments i would say. One day we were all eating in my cousins house when my mom said "lets go to the park, something is telling me your father is there". We all said no he is not there. She begged and begged and begged my cousin to take her. So we all go. It was 10pm when we got to the park. There he was sitting on the bench with a short lady. I screamed and cry just standing there thinking to myself dam how could my dad do this to my mom. My mom also screamed and cry'd. After that day my mom knew the marriage had no way of being fixed. She then started getting over day by day. I would say it took her half a year to completely to get over him. We lived together alone for 2 years. Even tho my parents split up i still got to see my father every day or at least when ever i wanted. My dad treats me even better then before. He says he loves me and i know that my dad and me always got along together. I go to his house and we hang out just like before but the only thing that kills me is knowing that we dont live together anymore. There is a difference between seeing someone everyday and living with someone every day. A BIG difference folks. My mom and dad still talk and laugh but most likely my parents are never ever getting back living under the same roof top. Truth is i miss my dad everyday. I always think how my life would be different without him and scares me to loose him one day. I am writing this to let the world know that no matter what situation you are in, your mother and father will always love you. Stay strong folks. For every problem there is a solution. God bless you all.

- Javier

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You are a strong person. Stronger than your parents. They must be proud.
Think about yourself. Fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Nobody has the perfect world. But, when you give your best, best will come to you!

Thank you.

thank you :) when i and my elle's father called it quits... i know that my little elle is caught in the middle. i just hope that i explained it in her in ways that she can fully understand.. but still.. even though i tried... though she can see her father twice a month.. she knew that the family is broken.

My parents would argue i mean every day. Being a 10-12 and seeing your parents argue you are just like sad. But my mom always told me everything so i understood things more. Coming from a 15 year old who was once 10 and in that position all i could say is have a great relationship with your daughter or father. Never hide the truth. But glad i could help out.