What really ****** me off is when my Dad's so called brothers & sisters claim they love & miss him now that he's gone. When they put him thru hell when he was alive. I witnessed myself when his brother called him a faggott, the only reason he called him that was because he got raped when he was a little boy. I remember being little & his sister thru a brick at his Blazer truck & busted his window while we was in the truck. I remember his brother tried to jump him while I was with my Dad. I remember my Dad crying & I asked him what was wrong & he told me that us gurls (his 3 daughters) was all he had. His brothers treated him like complete ****. I remember for a whole week straight after I saw my Dad get killed, his brothers & sisters was calling my phone saying **** like "You're the reason your Dad got killed", "You're a liar, why are you telling everybody that's how your Dad got killed......This is how he really died, he flew thru the windshield & all his arms & legs came off". That pissed me off b/c I saw with my own eyes, my Dad get hit & killed by a car & his right arm came off. They are running around claiming they love my Dad, when I know they don't. You don't put somebody thru that if you love them..
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i know how u feel, well not exactly, cos i lost my dad as an adult, but it was the hardest thing i've ever gone thru. i miss him so much and i have so much respect for him cos he was always there for me, and my siblings. but before he died, my two sisters just stopped talking to him for no real reason. they said it was cos he gambled, but he didn't gamble bad and he never gamble our whole lives until he started realizing he didn't have long to live. it was just his way of distracting himself from the reality of his own death. but instead of trying to understand him and love him, they rejected him. and even now they still say negative things about him. well, the last time was thanksgiving. they didn't say anything around christmas, but if they ever do again, i'm letting them have it cos that's just wrong. anyway, i just wanted to share that with you so you would know ur not alone. lots of ppl have ****** up families. anyway, i'm really sorry for your loss. if you ever need to talk to someone i'm here. take care.

Dang that is crazy. Its crazy how life its, its messed up. & same for you.

I'm sorry about what happened to your dad. His brothers and sisters shouldn't of lied about it. :(

Thanks sweety. & no they shouldn't of. It's been 9 months since he got killed & his brothers & sister is still saying messed up stuff to me about my Dad.