Fixing Fence

I was drinking a cup of coffee this morning and like a flashback a memory hit me. It was cold and raining,my dad and I along with my brothers were rounding up the cows that had gotten out of the pasture. A tree had fallen and busted a section of fence during the night and the cattle were scattered everywhere.We were miserable and wet and cold. Out of the corner of my eye I saw daddy standing there smiling as he was trying to dig a new post hole in 3 inches of water.I asked what was so fuuny. He said nothing is funny its just a great day to be spending with my boys. My big brother piped up" nothing good about it much less great." My dad told the three of us that one day when we were grown, we would think back on the cold and the rain and that miserable day and smile and be happy. He said it was going to be a great memory. He was right. Thanks Dad for the memories.
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I love it! Have a similar memory of my own Dad - my sisters 14' runabout had been swamped at the pier, and it was November, so the water would be incredibly cold. After we tried to right the boat by lifting up on one side, Dad simply dropped himself into the bitterly-cold water and with him in the water, and me lying on the pier, we were able to right the boat. The hour drive home was miserable for him; I had the heater at full boar and the windows were constantly clouding over with condensation from him being so wet, but I got him to a small diner along the way home and pumped lots of coffee and soup into him, I never will forget that night; and many others as well.

The memories that were so bad back then and now put a smile on your face. I reread this story and didn't give enough thought before I wrote this story. May have to edit it and add some more details.

I still think about my Dad, standing there with a big smile on his face.