I Miss Him Anyways

He's not the greatest father in the world. Hell, he's not even a good father. I mean this guy was not around for my entire childhood, never sent me a birthday or Christmas present, and continually lets me down. But I still miss him. He's a heroin addict, so I blame the drugs for his absence. But I always needed him in my life. It's so weird, we haven't spent much time together but we are so alike. Same sense of humor, same thirst for knowledge, same outlook on life...
   I moved across the country to North Carolina to be with him when I was 24, and got settled into the apartment where he lived with his girlfriend. She turned out to be crazy- I'm talking schizo! She would accuse him of having a man in the bed with them while she was asleep. This woman was a terror; if I left a cup out or left hair in the shower she would think I purposely did it, that I was trying to sabotage her happiness. One day she sat me down and told me I had to get out because she knew I was trying to have sex with my dad and that was her man. Why I never!!! I moved to South Carolina with my uncle and my dad promised to follow me in a month. I lived in a broken down house with a rats under my bed and crack dealer knocking at my door, lonely and waiting for him to come. He never did. But I still miss him.
SWATgirl SWATgirl
26-30, F
Jun 19, 2007