My Dad Passed Away

December 14th, 2008 was cold enough already. My boyfriend just left the house when my mother and I got an urgent call to come to the hospital for my dad. I thought maybe he was getting worse, but what I found out was that they called us there to say goodbye. My mom, me, my brother and his girlfriend, My grandma and her husband, and my dad's Best Friend and his girlfriend stood around my dad to pray and say goodbye. The hospital chaplin said some prayers. The moment after was filled with nothing but the sound of the ventilator breathing for my dad.

There sat a man, a strong man, a good man, already gone. The machine was doing all the breathing, and he was gone. I stayed the night with my brother and his girlfriend so I wouldn't be alone. little did I know, I would need th ecompany.

When a pet dies, you get a new one. The new one will never replace the old one, but it will be a substitute for the lost one. When you and a friend decide to stop being friends, you get new friends. They new friends won't replace the old one, but will be a substitute.

My father died. December 14th, 2008 at 9:14 PM. He fought his sickness for a month before it got the best of him and his heart gave in. He did not give up, however, before he got to say goodbye. Last week, he awoke from a coma they though he would never wake up from. He woke up, he talked, he squeezed our hands. He was there again, only to be gone again. Forever.

My father died. December 14th, 2008 at 9:14PM. I got to say goodbye while he was awake. I made my peace the night before he got so much worse, after being 300% better. I told him I loved him. I told him how sorry I was for fighting with him, ever.

Keith Sherrill died December 14th, 2008 at 9:14PM. He was and is loved. We miss him. I miss him.

I love you, Dad.

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My dad passed away on the 28th Jan 2008, he had a stroke, went into a coma. Ur story touched me because besides the death being different, I felt like i was reading smething I wrote!!! One thing, I didnt say good bye, I was 10 years old and I didnt, couldnt believe he was going to die!!! My brother took my dads hand and gave him a hug, my dad squeezed his hand and I smiled, I thought he was coming round. A nurse rushed in and told us to say good bye, before we left the room, we heard the monitor go mad... he passed away, he fought to hold on just for his children to come and say bye. I have alot of regret and pain inside because I wasnt brave enough or strong enough to even touch my dad, for a long time I was really upset with myself but as the years passed I came to terms with it, he is in a better place, no more pain, no more suffering. I miss my dad more and more esp now coz I have a baby girl I know he would be so proud of and he is not here to share with me. When ever i needed someone to listen or needed advice he was the one I turned to, my mom and myself are not close at all and as I get older and need him more the more sad I get. I am just so glad I joined and see there is people out there who knows and understands where I come from!!! :)

I appreciated your story very much.My dad died December 12th 2002. I had a brass Ornament engraved & look at it on my tree. It reminds me to say "Merry Christmas Dad", when I see his ornament shining there. He'd like that. It's sad , I know.

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I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your story , and can relate to it so very much. My Dad was also a good and kind and decent man, a strong, rather silent leader. My biggest regret is that I took him for granted for so many years..............<br />
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I miss him dearly, just know you aren't alone in your sadness...<br />
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:( My dad died July 8, 1992 of a heart attack at the age of 47. I miss him as much today as I did that day. I am so sorry for your loss and your pain...cherish cherish cherish that you were able to say goodbye. There are so many things I wish I could have said to my dad. I have said them, I know he knows them. The years will not erase the pain of losing your dad, but I can tell you that the tears will lesson in time. *hugs*

aww i am so sorry you lost your father