My Papa Bear.....

Hi, im 17 and On the 7th April 2007 i watched my dad die...he was my best friend and my idol....i guess im writing this because there are times when i feel so low and alone but have no one to talk to....i never knew pain could be so sore!!!! so everyone who hurts like i sorry for your pain, i wouldnt wish this on anybody!!!!!
cliffy cliffy
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2007

Im so sorry for your pain i cannot imagine how it must feel. My dad recently had some tests done and thankfully they were clear but i agonised over the thought of losing him. I too idolise my dad and ... just wanted to say sorry, theres nothing i can say that doesnt sound like a cliche, but my thoughts and good wishes are with you. Be strong and cherish the good memories x