Even Though He's a Deadbeat Scumbag...

There's nothing like a father for a lil girl.  And although I'm not a little girl anymore I still miss my father.  He's never been anything to brag about but he's always been my dad, so what he's just a ***** donor! What are you gonna do?! He's an alcoholic deadbeat, who forgets birthdays, doesn't call to reschedule plans, just leaves me waiting around for him....but I can't help but want him in my life, the dysfunctional man that he is.  I always want him to turn over a new leaf and I still have hopes that one day he'll realize that he's destroying his self.  I miss my dad and he's not even far away, that's the sad part

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1 Response Jan 6, 2009

I completely understand how you feel.<br />
My father was an alcoholic for many years and no matter how many times he hurt me (emotionally not physically) when he was drunk, i still wanted to visit him and still loved him.<br />
Your father is a good person, but the alcohol covers the good side of him up.<br />
I hope your father finds help unlike mine.<br />
Just remember that he needs you there even if he doesn't show it.