The Alchoholic Dad

My mom and dad were together until i was six. All of my memories of him had to do with drugs. I have a brother 3 years older than me and it was clear that my dad favored my brother much more. (he's sexest) My dad would always remind me how much i was like my mom...which ment he thought i was a *****, ****, *****, and would never be faithful. But little did he know that my mom was really a great person, never the words he would call her. From the age of six until 12 i saw my dad rarely although my dad spent the weekends with my brother. One day my dad called me up high and told me how he hated his life and how i was such a disgrace to him and that when he pictured my face it made him  sick to his stomach. And words like those to a 14 year old hurt. They hurt like hell. so my mom took him to court and he was ordered not to have any physical or verbal contact with my brother and me for 1 year. So now its been a year and a half and he still hasnt contacted me. Any ways all im trying to say is that even though he said all of those horrible things i still love him and i miss him so much. I pray every night that he can be forgiven and become sober but then i laugh knowing that its his choice and he already made it clear to me that i am no reason in his life to sober up. I just miss him.
Asheykate Asheykate
18-21, F
Jul 25, 2007