My Daddy

I am 17 years old and I lost my Daddy to a heart attack on August 22 2006. My parents were still married but my Mom was sleeping in another room that night because she couldn't sleep. The entire week before he died, he was out of town and his last day was spent driving everyone around. He took my grandfather to the doctor, me to school, work and then to my first college class that night. We got Chinese food for dinner and then he stayed up to watch the football game on TV while the rest of us went to sleep. He died in his sleep that night. The next day my mom took me to school so he could sleep in. When she got home she discovered that she couldn't wake him up. I was called out of my chemistry class and told what happened in the principal's office. It was a total shock as my father was a non smoker, not overweight, and in good shape. It has been nearly a year and I really miss him. He was my best friend and he taught me everything.
spinmeround spinmeround
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2007