Dad's Best Friend

I miss my dad. He was a surly, rasputin of a guy. Had a personality you either loved him or hated him. There was no middle ground.
    His best friend once told me. 'When I see Larry walking down the street, I don't know how he's gonna greet me, with a handshake or fists flying.'   

  They were a pair the two of them. A white man & a negro whose love hate relationship carried them through the good and the bad. 

    Reds was having it rough, he popped over to our house pulled out a brown paper bag and started going through the kitchen cabinets.

   Dad asked him, 'What are you doing?'.  Reds replied, "Shoppin."

    End of conversation.

  But I can remember times when Dad and I would pop over to Red's and go 'Shoppin" because our cupboards were bare.

   Seems poverty has no barriers, it doesn't care what side of the tracks you're on. 

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1 Response Aug 2, 2007

Thanks for your comments on my blog and we are already fav's through this site as well. Got a story here myself. Yours I found to be short but giving a lot on good information on your dad without saying a lot. Sometimes little needs to be said with the right words spoken.