I Missed My Dad Long Before He Died

I hadn't really thought about this before. Do I miss my Dad. I didn't think so. He died a month after my Mom about 10 years ago. I miss my Mom so much still today. I always think of her.

Just today seeing the group "I Miss my Dad" I realized I do. But I didn't start missing him when he died. I was missing him long before that  I started missing him back when I was 12 or 13 and my parents divorced. My Dad became an alcoholic and the man I knew never returned. I don't even know if I ever got a glimps of him again. For sure he was around physically. But the man I learned to love a child. I lost him long before he died. And until this very moment I didn't realize I mourned him long before his death.

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1 Response Aug 9, 2007

I'm sorry for your loss.<br />
Sometimes i think its harder when the people you love change dramatically than when they die.... because they are still walking around to remind you what you're missing.