He Makes Me Crazy

I haven't talked to him since August. For stupid lies that he believes strongly in. If he had never brought my mom back to court, I would still have a good relationship with him right now. But he did some ****** things and now is convinced I am against him and do crazy things like spy on him and make up lies. He is a narcissist which makes things really hard. And he has hurt me SO many times. Over the most trivial things. He actually told his family not to come to my bat mitzvah because he was mad at my mom (HE cheated on and divorced HER so I have no idea why he is so bitter except that he didn't get his way (again, he is a narcissist)). Yet, I still miss him so much. I don't even know why, I know he is such a waste of my time. But I still love him. I miss him making me laugh with his spontaneous sense of humor. I miss watching movies with him. I miss visiting him every winter break. I miss talking to him on the phone. I miss being able to tell him exciting news. But until he gets over his misplaced anger and my stepmom stops trying to get me to hate him, we won't be able to have a relationship. I just hope we eventually talk again. This is such a hard year, not having my dad just makes it worse

yisrael yisrael
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2009