I Need My Dad.

I lost my dad when I was 8 years old ( in 1992). Before his death, we were happy with our life. He had good transport business. But after his death, the life took wrong turn and its never been on right track. My mom struggled a lot in her life. She gave us everything what we needed like books, clothes, games , etc. She didn’t marry anyone although she got few offers also.


One always needs someone to whom you can say anything what you really want but I didn’t have that one. My uncle, aunt and cousins were very supportive but never told them what’s in my heart. Whatever the necessary things I need in my life, my family gave me. I wished for sport bike in my childhood but had to satisfy for basic model. Then I wished for motor bike but had to satisfy myself with old scooter.


My girlfriend ditched me, I wanted to tell her parents about her that she had two boyfriends because they thought she is very simple girl who doesn’t have anyone in her life. But cannot do that as It would create problem I don’t want to trouble my mom. I needed my dad’s support with whom I can share my feelings and tell him what I really want in my life and what I want to do.


I am still keeping all the things in my heart what I wish for.


You always need your dad to share your feelings.

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I find that it helps to talk to them out loud! I lost my brother and I talk to him a lot! Sometimes I swear I can feel his presence and sometimes I get the answers I need! I know it's not the same (dad, brother) but I hope it helps!

Type your comment here...you are right, we need someone.I had relationship with a girl for the last 5 years. Few days back,I came to know she has been lying to me for the last 2 years. She had someone else in her life also. I trusted her so much that I never tried to doubt on whatever she said.<br />
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Now its not difficult but impossible to trust. I feel scared of talking to anyone. I don't need someone special in my life anymore. I am very much happy with myself.<br />
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I joined ep at least I write all my feelings to ep members.<br />
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Thanks for your support. You completely understands what it feels without dad.<br />
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God bless you!

Wow that's sad that you lost him at such a young age...and I know that it's hard to let anyone in after something like this happens but it helps to talk about it...I know from experience that no one can replace a fathers role in your life but keeping it all in isn't the answer either...<br />
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I turned to my dog when my father was gone because my mother and i were never close and still aren't... she doesn't even like the fact that i bring him up sometimes....so even just blabbing to a dog for a bit helped me get my feelings out and made me feel better....<br />
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But you have to find someone youu trust, who will understand and be there for you....I know it hurts to think that your dad isn't there anymore and that all those fun times are ended but don't let that stop you from living your life or expressing yourself....<br />
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I'm here if you ever need to just talk to someone....I wish you the best of luck...<br />
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And sorry i blabbed on for so long...sometimes i don't know when to shut-up :-)

Yes, dad is dad. No uncle can take his place. I was not able to collect that much power to tell someone what is my heart.<br />
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Once I told my mom about my problem but she got upset. After that I never told her anything