Funny How You Think Its In Your Past...

my dad wa sick for along time before he passed. so much so that my son who my dad had met but hardley, is growing up 3 years old now and the best thing to ever happen to me. and we were on you tube watching the muppets and i had a breakdown remebering how when i was a liitle kid and my dad would ask my sister to sing the rainbow connection from the muppet movie, and i lost it 3 days later and im still in tears my dad passed on oct 11 2006 and all i want to say is im so sorry we didnt have more time together and i wish that you could see how wonderful my son is turning out to be i only hope to one day be as wonderful of a father to my children as the father i had, i love you dad and i will never stop what i would give to have one last conversation with you to hold you to tell you i love you one more time i can only try to tell myself you can hear me an di hope if you can your smiling at me wherever you are i love you your loving son ryan

sonofpat sonofpat
Mar 4, 2009